Come on and Celebrate!

Traditions and holidays are two of the most life giving amenities. Some people only see family drama, and as prevelant as that is, there is so much more to celebrate. We have two choices in life: to live celebratory or stagnant. We would all have to agree that life’s basis is perspective, so I choose the first so that I may have much more smiles than frowns! Here are my top three favorite ways of living a celebratory life. 

1. Holidays/Traditions: My family has extravagant celebrations for almost all holidays. Mainly because my mom has ten siblings and we like to come together as much as possible. Adding onto these decade long traditions is even more fun. If you don’t have traditions, make them! Everyone has their unique interests and talents so celebrate them but creating fun things to do with other people. Encourage others to live a celebratory life! 

2. Celebrate others! Wait, that means if someone does something/gets something I want I should be kind and humble enough to be happy for them? YES. Exactly.  Enough selfish shinanigans. My friends and family are rad and I love the moments when I get to give them a gold star! Human nature says keep all your gold stars but once you start handing them out you will feel a new kind of unexplainable joy. If you take this gold star then you must give it away. No gold star hoarding! ⭐️ 

3. Choose joy. This may seem off topic but choosing joy allows the celebratory life to exist. For example, on a run a few weeks ago I ran a mile in wayyyyyy too long of a time. I was initially upset then I said no, I’m going to choose joy. I had laced up my shoes and gone dispite the excuses I could’ve made up. That’s something to celebrate. You woke up late? Thats frustrating but you’re alive. It rained on your good hair day? Bummer but you have hair and you’re not dying  from a lack of clean water. Choose joy. Like I said before, I’m living for more smiles than frowns! 

Not everything will include hot air balloons and umpteen boquets of red roses, unfortunately not much will. How awesome would that be tbough?! Okay, totally beside the point. The only one who can give your soul direction is you. You choose celebratory or stagnant. You choose smiles or frowns.  You choose gold stars or sharp stabs. It’s all you. Happy choosing!

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”
– Pericles

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