Hello world!

I find myself with too many thoughts whirling around in my head constantly and subjecting the people around me to listen to them. Most of the time they humor me and even chime in but others give that deer in the headlights look that is screaming “stoooooop!”. Either way, communication is something I value; I tend to fall into the over communication category almost always. To help fill the void I journal often, but I never seem to have enough space. Writing thoughts has a way of helping me process and learn about myself and the world around me. This blog is an experiment for myself and an opportunity to grow. Whether the subject is a simple joy of life or a heart wrenching realization of yet another injustice; my thoughts will be put here into the abyss and maybe connect with someone else’s thoughts. There’s a great chance that no one will ever lay eyes on this other than myself, and I am okay with that. So here’s to doing things I’ve said I’d never do and becoming a more well rounded human. xoxo

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